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Many Ghanaian students desire to study in European countries. Eduship is at hand to help you. We have partner institutes in countries such as Greece, the United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine etc. These institutes offer a very wide range of programs at various cost levels. 
We ensure that our institutes have proven track record of providing the best education that can make their graduates easily employable at high positions.
Each of the countries featuring above are very near the top on the list of desirable countries for International students. Many Ghanaian students are already studying in these countries and you can be the next to start your international education in these countries.

Eduship is just a phone call away to guide you in this matter.



The beautiful country of Greece can offer an excelent study-abroad experience.

Eduship partner Hellenic American Unversity is a great vehicle for this. Established in 2004, in Athens, the Hellenic American University (HAU) is a leading university of Greece. It offers programs for Undergraduate and Post-graduate students. The popular HAU programs are Business, Engineering, Music, Psychology, Information Technology etc. There are also post-graduate programs in all of the above subjects. 

The programs are conducted in English and the students are awarded US degree, recognized all over word.



Other International destinations are also available depending on the specific need of the student and the university/program desired.

The United Kingdom

As one of the most favorite destination of Internation students, the United Kingdom, offers many advanced programs at all levels of education. A country that is a home of world's most prestegious universities, the UK can really be a schlor's paradise.

Eduship has partnered with prestigeous universities in the UK to bring the benefits to Ghana students. The foundation laid with the UK education becomes a strong launch pad for many students.


Ukraine is a large country in Eastern Europe known for its picturasque churches, Black Sea coastline and forested mountains. Its capital, Kiev, features many good educatioal institutes that offers very good and reasonable priced educational programs.

Ukraine offers immigration opportunities for students after 2 years of education. The Ukraine passport is authorised for visa free travel in the SHANGEN zone of Europe, offering the students a very good chance to travel and work in European countries.

From Invitaion to Visa, the Ukraine admission process is very trim. Many programs offered by prestegious Ukrainian universities such as National University of Kharkiv, Sumy State University, Kyive Polytechnic Institute etc. are reputed for creating well qualified greduates that have high employability and bright future.

Education is an investment you make today, to secure your tomorrow.

Eduship is established with the purpose to provide Ghanaian students the international Education opportunity and guide them in all matters related to education beyond the shores of Ghana. We are committed to the task of offering you the right education based on your interest and affordability. We present a wide range of genuine choices in terms of countries and locations within, subjects and programs as well as fee structures.