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Choosing the correct course of education that will give an identity to the student and create a professional, responsible citizen out of him/her is a challenge. We have tasked ourselves to stand with the youth of Ghana when making one of the most important decision of their life.

What we do?
Eduship can open doors to highly rewarding careers for students at all levels of education i.e. Graduate, Post-Graduate and Research. We have partnered with institutions in USA, India and China through which a student can choose a career of his/her liking. Once the path is chosen, we hold your hand and guide you through the entire process till your educational journey begins in earnest.

How we do it?

We collaborate with very reputed international institutions. As their Ghanaian partner, we have been trained in mentoring the students that decide to take advantage of our services. We work very closely with each student and help in choosing the appropriate university/course. The students and their guardians can feel confident that the path chosen will lead to a rewarding career.


Why we do this?

Education is the best investment that one can make. This investment will reward you for the rest of your life without giving you the insecurity of being destroyed by external events. It is our sincere effort to open the world of opportunities for Ghanaian students and to assure their guardians that they have given their ward the best possible legacy to last a lifetime.

More middle class Ghanaian families are investing in their children’s higher education, a fact reflected in higher numbers of students attending schools overseas. But the field of international education is extremely wide and deep. Choosing the proper institute and correct course with suitable budget can truly be a challenge. We at EDUSHIP provide you with professional guidance to overcome this challenge. 

There are 3 types of costs that International Students studying abroad have to consider.
          1. Tuition fees, 2.  Accommodation cost and 3. Food cost

Having a wide array of choices available in Universities and courses, Eduship will help you stike a balance between your selected discipline and the  education investment required.



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What we offer……

  • Full-service International Student Recruitment
  • Complete guidance in matters of admission, fee-payment and visa
  • Strong international partnerships with experienced professionals
  • Quick response and fast processing
  • Industry relevant courses & curricula
  • Enhanced employability